Harry Potter Author Pleads: Don’t Spoil Plot

If Harry dies, we don’t want to know about it until J.K. Rowling decides to tell us. – Leaky Cauldron webmaster Melissa Anelli

May 14, 2007 – TheScroogeReport.com Post

NEW YORK – J.K. Rowling has a request for those with inside dirt on her seventh and final Harry Potter book: Please keep it to yourself.

“We’re a little under three months away, now, and the first distant rumblings of the weirdness that usually precedes a Harry Potter publication can be heard on the horizon,” Rowling wrote on her Web site Monday.

“I want the readers who have, in many instances, grown up with Harry, to embark on the last adventure they will share with him without knowing where they are they going.”

The author’s comments came in response to an April 28 editorial by a leading Potter fan site, http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org , which noted that it had been receiving “spoiler” e-mails—and expected many more—alleging advance knowledge of the book’s contents.

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