War On Mosquito-borne Virus

Mosquito biting

A mosquito is bloated with blood as it inserts its stinger into human flesh in this undated photo released by the United States Department of Agriculture. Gabon’s government said Friday it had taken measures to protect against the chikungunya virus after initial tests indicated it had arrived in the western African nation for the first time.(AFP/USDA-HO/File)

The mosquito-borne virus has traditionally been present in eastern Africa, southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It causes fever, headaches and muscle pain, and gets its name from a Swahili word meaning “that which bends up” because of the arthritic-type symptoms that leave victims stooped.

Most patients eventually recover.

One thought on “War On Mosquito-borne Virus

  1. Equine Infectious Anemia, originally known as Swamp Fever, was recognized as being passed by mosquitos and other blood sucking insects since the 60’s. Today, now that the disease is know to be the equivalent of HIV in horses, nobody is willing to “admit” that all those really bad illnesses like AIDS can be passed by blood sucking insects. Why is that still the case?

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