Calling all angels; fire in L.A. just ain’t cool


I was born in L.A. and I want to say the fire in the hills this week where the Griffith Park Observatory is perched just ain’t cool.

As a kid, I went on field trips to that observatory. As a young adult I went to see Laser Rush in the observatory’s planetarium, for gosh sakes…and later still, I was on dates there, where we simply just hung out and looked out over the city.

Laser Rush, by the way, was one of many shows the planetarium offered that combined rock and roll music with a stunning light and laser show. It was a total ‘rush’, but that’s another story.

So, burn as hard as you did these last couple days you demon fire, you ain’t burning down those memories and you ain’t doing any more damage (50% contained as of writing). That’s the end of that story. A few embers and some charred landscape is not going to bring me down…or L.A.

Griffith Park Observatory fire

Have you seen the images? I was riveted. I no longer live in Los Angeles, but the City of Angels still has a grip on me like a force field of the most wonderous nature. Sure, L.A. can be dirty, crowded, and way to spread out…but that’s only a fraction of it. L.A. is where dreams really do come true…even if they don’t stay there.

It’s where I was a legend in my own mind…and in some cases, maybe a legend in others.

These days, it takes me one hour when the freeway is breezy to get to downtown and Hollywood. I’m glad I was not stuck in traffic anytime during the past 48 hours…looking up at the fire. I know I would have cursed and probably cried.

But, hey, this is L.A. and I’ve already heard that this fire was good for them thar hills. It cut the dry brush way down…and in two years it will all be back anyways. Only in L.A. can a spectacularly scary fire turn into a good thing.

Now, if only the city’s angels would clean up chunks of Sunset and Hollywood boulevards. Perhaps instead of a fire, they might infuse L.A. with a street-sweeping revival…of Biblical proportions!


L.A. Burning

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