L.A. Times writer: ‘Sweet Jesus I love Bill O’Reilly!’

Why I owe my gig as an L.A. Times columnist to the name-calling cable and radio personality.

Los Angeles Times 

May 3, 2007 – TheScroogeReport.com Post

POOR BILL O’REILLY! Members of the vast left-wing conspiracy really can’t stand him. They denounce him, they mock him, and now the final indignity: They study him as a lab specimen.

Three University of Indiana scholars just released a “content analysis” of O’Reilly’s trademark “Talking Points Memo,” the brief commentary with which he opens his daily Fox News show, “The O’Reilly Factor.” The authors begin by informing us, with some consternation, that four in 10 Americans actually think O’Reilly is “a journalist.” But after many charts and numbers, they conclude that he’s really just a big right-wing bully.

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One thought on “L.A. Times writer: ‘Sweet Jesus I love Bill O’Reilly!’

  1. If blustery bravado and bullshit could feel starving coutnries, we could move O’Reilly and all the blowhards like him (Liberal loudmouths, too).

    Then Biafra and Somalia and Darfur would be fine. Plusm can you imagine how pissed off the War Lords would be when they confiscate a shipment, open up a box and find Keith Obermann?

    Enjoyed the post!

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