Christian sues to halt mosque construction

Presents ‘substantial harm to the well-being, safety and health’ of  his community.

May 2, 2007 – Post

A Florida man filed a lawsuit to prevent construction of a mosque in his neighborhood, claiming it “presents a substantial harm to the well-being, safety and health” of his community.

Rodney Wright named in his complaint the Islamic Center of South Florida, the South Florida office of the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, and its national office.

He is represented by Larry Klayman, known for this numerous lawsuits against the Clinton administration in the 1990s as head of the government watchdog Judicial Watch.

Klayman, now an attorney in south Florida, is acting in response to the Pompano Beach City Council’s “dangerous decision” to grant permission for the building of a 29,000- square-foot “radical suspect mosque” in an area “almost entirely Christian and African-American,” according to an outspoken critic of the move, Rev. O’Neal Dozier, pastor of a church in the neighborhood, World Wide Christian Center.

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6 thoughts on “Christian sues to halt mosque construction

  1. I’ve always found those “radical suspect mosque”s to be the most dangerous. Thank god our country is full of “conservative above board churches.” Thanks for the report.

  2. Read “Under the Banner of Heaven.” Those All-American Mormons are a pretty bloody lot. Oh, and slavery was condoned by most mainstream Protestants for quite awhile, wasn’t it. Seems to me that practice had some pretty deleterious effects on “another people group.” And it seems to me that a whole lot of innocent Iraqis have been killed by our God-fearing leader’s ill-conceived invasion of Iraq. While most mainstream religious groups in America were against that, I think the Southern Baptists were for it, bless their conservative above board hearts. Check it out:

  3. You are talking about ancient history in two cases. No evidence of the “bloody lot” Mormons or the slavery-happy Protestants today. Also, deleterious effects and desired anihalation are two different things. Also, my point was made about TODAY.

    And there certainly has been innocent Iraqis killed, but not with the intention of destroying a country or, here again, a nationality or race.

  4. Well, a country is being destroyed because of the law of unintended consequences. And as far as ancient history goes, the victims of Christian America’s war on the indigenous people of this land are still around today. And there are radical Mormons out there who are killing women and innocent children because God told them too. Today. But the main objection to original post is the notion that all Muslims are out to destroy America and Christianity. Not true.

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