Children of couple killed in O.C. Montage shooting share nightmare

The only negotiation was, ‘Drop the gun.’ I thought maybe I could talk to them. They didn’t give me the chance to do that. – K.C. Park said.

KC and Christie Park
Montage shooting couple hid in fear, children say
K.C. Park, left, listens as his sister Christie talks Wednesday morning about the circumstances surrounding the events in which their parents, Joni and Kevin Park, were killed at the Montage Resort and Spa on April 22. (Mark Rightmire, The Orange County Register)

The Orange County Register

May 3, 2007 – Post

K.C. Park didn’t have to wait for anyone to tell him both his parents were dead. When he heard the pop-pop-pop-pop of a police officer’s firearm 20 feet in front of him, he knew they were both gone.

K.C., 17, and his two sisters, Christie, 23, and Amanda, 8, buried their two parents at Pacific View Memorial Park one week after the April 22 incident. Each parent had four gunshot wounds, said Harley Bjelland, the siblings’ attorney.

As they try to put their lives back together, the children are also trying to make sense of what led to the Sunday morning confrontation with police at the Montage Resort & Spa in Laguna Beach.

On Wednesday, they sat down for three hours, outlining the shooting and the events leading up to it. They declined to discuss some details; police have declined to corroborate others.

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