Christian-Muslim Etiquette Guide: Let’s Do a Meeting

Why are Christians so keen to shake hands with everyone? When do Muslims pray? Do Christians pray once a week? Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan? These are just some of the questions that a new booklet on Christian-Muslim etiquette from the Christian Muslim Forum will try to answer.

Christian Today

May 1, 2007 – The Scrooge Report Post

The Christian and Muslim Forum has published the Christian-Muslim Etiquette Guide in an effort to clear up the confusion over what Christians and Muslims should and should not do upon meeting one another.

The guidelines will attempt to provide ‘ecumenical’ answers to 10 common questions on the practices of Muslims and Christians and particularly sensitive areas, including the prayer habits of both faiths, dress and fasting traditions, with an eye to fostering closer encounters between the two faith groups.

Members of the Christian Muslim Forum come from among the Sunni, Anglican, Shi’a, Catholic, Methodist and Orthodox traditions.

The six-page document is intended to be a helpful guide to both the Muslim and Christian communities and anyone involved in inter-faith activities.

Julian Bond at the Christian Muslim Forum said he hoped the guide would be “useful for those beginning to encounter each other and a springboard for learning more”.

The Christian Muslim Forum said in the guidance, meanwhile, that it hoped the advice would “ease some of the obstacles in the path to forming sincere relationships between Christians and Muslims”.

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The Christian-Muslim Etiquette Guide is available at 

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