As American as Apple Pie

Marching in the Streets
Immigration protest Chicago
AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

American flags flood the scene as thousands march through the streets of Chicago to an immigration rights rally in Grant Park, Chicago, Tuesday. Protests in America have been part of the country’s fabric for all its history – what a beautiful thing!

2 thoughts on “As American as Apple Pie

  1. Oh yes, it is very American to have foreigners come to our country uninvited, and then proceed to protest against our laws while marching down our main streets. I am glad you are a proud anarchist. Sorry, I am a patriot.

  2. Foreigners have always been welcome here, so not sure where you are coming from on that.

    Also, I did write the headline with a bit of sarcasm…although you leaped to a conclusion on what my opinion would be.

    The issue is a bit more complex than just a bunch of people with complaints against the government. I would venture to say 3/4 in the crowd are legal anyways.

    My point is that America can absorb even those that don’t really have real grounds to fight. I believe they are just angry and want to express themselves.

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