Widow Forgives Killers in Turkey

What happened last week was spiritually ‘a coronation ceremony’ when three faithful servants of Jesus were given the crowns of eternal life.

Christian Today

April 27, 2007 – The Scrooge Report Post

Christians in Turkey have dedicated the first Sunday after the horrific killing of three Christian workers to Bible reading, prayer and worship in the Protestant Church in Istanbul.

Members of the church read from the Bible about the promises for those who die for the Gospel and prayed for the families of Necati Aydin, Tilman Geske and Ugur Yuksel.

The situation has provided a unique opportunity to share the Gospel of forgiveness to the Turkish nation on national television as the widow of one said she forgave the killers.

Rev Johan Candelin of Finland, offered condolences to the Turkish church not only on behalf of the World Evangelical Alliance but of Christians all around the world and many members of the European Parliament and other parliaments.

Said Candelin: “What happened last week was spiritually ‘a coronation ceremony’ when three faithful servants of Jesus were given the crowns of eternal life. Be assured that the followers of Jesus around the world stand with you in prayer and love and that the suffering you feel is felt by the global body of Jesus Christ today”.

Candelin challenged the global church to pray for Turkey, suggesting this attack will not be the last one. As long as media in Turkey continues to provide incorrect information about “missionary activities” there will be more attacks, said Candelin, explaining the commonly misconception among Turks that “missionary activity” has a political agenda and is supported by foreign nations who want to split the Turkish society.

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Bloodbath in Turkey: Widow Forgives Murderers

Father, forgive them, for they know not, what they do. – Susanne Geske

Special to ASSIST News Service

MALATYA — Susanne Geske, widow of the massacred Christian worker Tilmann Geske, has forgiven the murderers of her husband.

In an interview with the Turkish television channel ATV the German mother of three quoted Christ’s words on the cross: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
Three evangelical Christians were brutally murdered, April 18, in Malatya in South East Turkey, where 45-year old Tilmann Geske worked as an interpreter in the Christian Publishing House Zirve.

Two other Turkish Christians – Necati Aydin (35) and Ugur Yuksel (32) – were also found tied up and their throats slit. According to Turkish press reports the victims were brutally tortured. Geske’s body showed 156 knife wounds. Yuksel’s genitals and fingers were slashed.

Police have arrested ten suspects. Four young Muslims have admitted the crime. They said they killed the Christians for religious and nationalistic reasons.

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