Take your hat off to Matt Drudge


On eve of 10th anniversary, WorldNetDaily founder pays tribute

April 27, 2007 – The Scrooge Report Post

WND Editor’s note: The following is reprinted with permission of the publisher from WND founder Joseph Farah’s latest book, “Stop The Presses! The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution.” Next Saturday, May 5 is the 10th anniversary of WorldNetDaily’s founding. This excerpt from “Stop The Presses!” is Farah’s tribute to Matt Drudge, who helped inspire what has become the largest independent news service on the Net.

He defeats presidential candidates with a stroke of his keyboard.

He makes bestsellers with a click of his mouse.

He drives the national debate with his choice of headlines.

Those are some of the supernatural powers that have been attributed to Matt Drudge.

And, if you’ve been watching his work at the famed Drudge Report for as long and as closely as I have, you would probably agree there is more than a little truth behind them.

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