Money at root of O.C. double killing?

A couple with a gun who were killed by police at a posh resort may have feared losing out on an inheritance or even being murdered over it.

By Garrett Therolf, Ashley Powers and Christine Hanley
Los Angeles Times

April 25, 2007 – Post

Kevin and Joni Park’s erratic behavior in the hours before their deaths at a posh Laguna Beach resort may have been driven by the wife’s zeal to obtain the couple’s share of a family inheritance and the fear that someone would kill them to take it away, two officials told The Times on Tuesday.

Joni Park summoned sheriff’s deputies to the couple’s Mission Viejo home Friday to tell them the couple was set to inherit $1 million, according to an investigator who asked to remain anonymous because he wasn’t authorized to speak about the investigation.

Kevin Park
Kevin Park

Joni Park
Joni Park


Michael K. Park’s mother, 60-year-old Caroline Park of Whittier, said of Joni Park, “There’s not one tear shed for her. Not in this home. I know that sounds crass and very cold. But you reap what you sow — and she has. Amen for that.”


The money was apparently to come from the estate of Kevin Park’s father, Oliver Park, who died March 29 at age 82.

Joni Park, 48, gave deputies the name of someone she said was trying to swindle the money from them and might even kill the couple over it, the investigator said.

“She believed that their life was in danger and that if anything happened, they wanted to name the suspect,” he said.

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3 thoughts on “Money at root of O.C. double killing?

  1. the man did not reportedly have a gun when the wife was shot. how mny shots in the wife she got from officers were the gun facing the officers, how long did they take to shoot befoer the gun was dropped. more and more killings from cops are in the future and before the 20 th centry is up more and more cops will be killed in self defence. i am willing to pettion for new coplaws that will put bad cops in jail once and for all and arewiling to donate money for cop prisons

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