Where Was God On Tuesday at VT?



Don Crawford is Host of The Flipside on Rightalk Radio

April 19, 2007 – The Scrooge Report Post

How could a loving god allow one crazed maniac to kill in such horrible fashion so many innocent people at Virginia Tech University last Tuesday? How could he allow one person filled with such loathing of those around him to take away life from so many people who had worked so long to make such a difference for good in the world?

People at VTU whose minds and hearts are reeling, spinning madly while they try to orient themselves and catch their mental balance, are incessantly finding their minds going back to ask “Why?” WHY? And the question is even being pondered by some of the media, “How can there be such evil in a world made by a loving god?” though I am skeptical of much of the media’s motives in asking it.

Many argue that considering all the evil and pain in the world, evil which sadly was made vivid to the Virginia Tech community this week, “If god loves us, he must not be all powerful; and if god is all powerful, he must not love us. If there is a god who allows such evil to happen to innocent young people and to those who have dedicated themselves to improving those students’ lives, then he must be the devil!”

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2 thoughts on “Where Was God On Tuesday at VT?

  1. Its this concept he instilled in man kind, called free-will, for him to stop this killer, he’d be squandering free-will.

    That’s like me asking you where God was when Mother Teresa was out doing good for the world. Think before you speak.

  2. God would be squandering free-will? Sorry, not sure I understand your point. Can you elaborate a bit? To me you are saying God gave us free will, but its not really free because He controls it.

    I don’t understand everything about God’s workings, but I do know that with our free will that is given by Him, there is consequences. Choosing to do good, like Mother Teresa, results in lives saved and a favorable legacy and example that lives forever. Choosing to do bad, more often than not, results in consequences that hurt…to varying degrees.

    So, I don’t quite get the Mother Teresa analogy as well.

    Thanks for your comment!

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