Students Turn to God in Wake of Virginia Tech Shooting


April 19, 2007 – The Scrooge Report Post

BLACKSBURG, Va – By all accounts, the prayers started even before the gunshots stopped at Virginia Tech university, and the pleas to God from grief-stricken survivors of the massacre have continued ever since.

“God cares about Virginia Tech,” said Megan Martin, 24, joining about a dozen fellow students in a traveling prayer vigil that rambled across the sprawling campus a day after the worst U.S. shooting spree in modern history.

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4 thoughts on “Students Turn to God in Wake of Virginia Tech Shooting

  1. We are ONE nation, under God.
    When one part of our nation hurts, we all hurt!
    Heart felt prayers are not only being said in Virginia right now, they are assending from the entire county, even the world.
    We are all in this together; we will continue to stand together, we will endure together and we will once again recover together, only to rise together. United we stand and undivided, we will not fall! May God Himself fill the void created by the sensless loss.

  2. To think of Zach Petkewicz, they have to cook some Kielbasa and give him a poem is meaning beetle in Polish: chrząszcz. He is like the Wojo (Barney Miller’s Wojo) of Virginia Tech.

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