Torchgrab Ministries leader responds to hearts crying out in Blacksburg, Virginia

The Scrooge Report

April 18, 2007 

When senseless tragedy hits, Pastor Bruce Porter responds. He responded at Columbine, Colorado. He could not stay away from Ground Zero in N.Y. shortly after 9/11, and he was called to a schoolyard in Beslan, Russia.

Porter has ministered to countless people during other times of tragedies as well. Now he is getting ready to travel to Blacksburg, Virginia, answering what he believes is God’s calling to help the hurting.

He hears the “hearts cry out in VA” as he wrote recently in his Torchgrab Ministries announcement. The Virginia Tech massacre in which 33 people died and many were injured is something Porter can not tune out.

Bruce Porter
Pastor Bruce Porter

“My heart sank to my feet as my hosts quickly switched on the TV, and images of the massacre at Virginia Tech assaulted our senses,” Porter stated. “Once again, images of police SWAT teams and ambulances swarming another school in America unfolded, and once again, old wounds were ripped open in our hearts. Crying students running for their lives, some with bloody wounds, and scenes of frantic parents and friends searching for loved ones rang over the airwaves. Another school massacre.”

Porter is pastor and leader of Torchgrab Ministries. His work includes calling other Christians to respond to crisis in Christ-like fashion. The ministries web site proclaims, “Love is an Action Verb.”

Porter said he silently prayed for God’s guidance. He writes: “Should I go? How could I help these people? The answer, in spite of my mind’s objections, was obvious. How could I not make every effort to go and help? My personal aversion to far too much exposure to human grief and tragedy over the past decade gave way to a greater desire to try and help hurting people.”

After the school shootings at Columbine High School April 20, 1999, Porter came along side the family of Rachel Joy Scott, who was murdered that day. Porter gave a eulogy at Scott’s funeral that challenged the world to take up again the “bloodstained torch that Rachel carried in life.”

Scott’s faith was questioned by one of the shooters moments before her death. A best-selling book ‘She Said Yes’ details her life and death. Porter states that she “carried a torch of love, compassion, and the Gospel of Christ without fear. Millions of people around the world have been touched by Rachel’s life and death.”

In the next few days, Porter said he will be making plans, booking flights, finding lodging and transportation, and “trying to make sure the time spent will be effective and fruitful. With God’s help in Christ, I know it will.”

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2 thoughts on “Torchgrab Ministries leader responds to hearts crying out in Blacksburg, Virginia

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  2. Received warm calvary greetings in jesus name,i do thank God for this great oppotunity that he has given me to reach you with my mail.
    it is true that the world need christ the present savour of humanity.i do pour my heart in prayer that God may give you chance to reach kenya africa with the gospel of love.
    may i hear from you soon
    pastor isaac

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