Christians in India Face More Attacks as Lenten Season Ends

April 13, 2007

Compass Direct News

NEW DELHI – At least three pastors were attacked and 70 Dalit Christians were “reconverted” to Hinduism on Easter Sunday. On Maundy Thursday police arrested a fourth pastor on false charges of “conversion.”

These incidents followed violent attacks on two Palm Sunday processions and the beating and torture of yet another pastor during the Lenten season.

Dharma Sena (Religious Army) militants attacked Christians April 1 (Palm Sunday), injuring seven Christians during final prayers at St. Paul’s Church, of the Church of North India denomination in Gokulpur, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

In the second incident, two Christians in Damoh district suffered serious head injuries in an attack by unidentified extremists on a procession largely comprised of Sunday school children from local churches. The attack occurred as the group stopped at a shop for sugar cane juice. Hindu extremists beat two pastors of Believers’ Church on April 8 (Easter) in Salwa village in Mandla district.

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