Imus headed for This Week’s Top Scrooge…and forgivness?

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Although I don’t make the picks till Friday or Saturday, fuzzy-headed Don Imus is definitly in the running for This Week’s Top Scrooge. I know what some of you are saying…you’re saying “this is April and why the heck are you talking about Ebenezer?” Well, buckos, fear not, The Scrooge Report is all about taking a look at all-things-downright-wrong, even this time of year.

Imus, that little funster, thought he was Superman of the Air Waves, and his piercing words would not bounce back to penetrate him. Well, you know what’s been solidified in my mind? Never, and I mean never, mess with a women’s basketball team…at any level.

The Rutgers women showed not only class in fielding this garbage, but a little bit of fight as well, wanting to take on Imus face-to-face. ‘Nappy-headed hos’ aren’t in this neighborhood and apparently not at a lot of high-rent neighborhoods as well. The big dogs in the corporate world are pulling away from Imus like a five-on-zero fastbreak.

Sorry, Mr. Imus, but don’t get under the basket. You might get hurt. You are about to be slam dunked!

With all that said, and after reading James Sterling’s opinion piece, Don Imus Needed Jesus: Receives Unforgiving Race Baiting Extortionist Spiel, well, I felt guilty. You do realize that The Scrooge Report does dabble in sarcasm, right? I mean yes, Imus was bone-headed, fuzzy-headed, and maybe even knot-headed, but he, like all of us, can be that way at any given moment or moments. And like all of us, Imus could use a little forgiveness. After all, there is One who offers free forgiveness…and maybe we should all take a page out of His Book!

– Alexander, The Scrooge Report

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