Atheists billboard campaign targets lonely. Perversion and Christian-bashing rank high with ‘Family Guy.’ AND students miffed at Obama pick launch Notre Dame Response, prayer.

Atheists put message on high with billboards in Dallas-Fort Worth area
Atheists Billboards in Texas
DALLAS/FT. WORTH — (The Dallas Morning News) These clearly aren’t signs from God.

This week, drivers in Dallas and Fort Worth will notice billboards sponsored by local atheists and agnostics.

“Don’t believe in God? You are not alone,” the billboards read. The signs, featuring a blue sky and clouds, tower over Interstate 35E and Northwest Highway in Dallas and I-35W just north of downtown Fort Worth. They will be up for four weeks. …more

‘Family Guy’ mocks being born again
American Family Association launches campaign to contact advertisers

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — (WorldNetDaily) The “Family Guy” cartoon program on the Fox television network, targeted earlier by a campaign to notify the Federal Communications Commission of its sexually suggestive content, now is in the crosshairs of another campaign urging people to contact its advertisers.

WND reported last week when the American Family Association set up a campaign for viewers to contact the FCC in protest of the program’s sexually explicit theme. Tens of thousands of complaints were submitted in just the first day over the March 8 episode, which was rated by the network as appropriate for 14-year-olds, included multiple references to homosexual sex and featured discussion of an “11-way gay orgy.”

Now the Florida Family Association has set up a link for consumers to contact the program’s advertisers directly with their concerns over the nature of the cartoon.

It cited the March 8 program content but also noted the cartoon’s attack on Christianity in the March 29 episode. …more

Notre Dame Response: Obama’s Selection Prompts Student Prayer Rally

NOTRE DAME, Indiana (LifeSiteNews) — The University of Notre Dame’s student-formed coalition, Notre Dame Response, has announced plans for its first official demonstration in answer to the administration’s selection of President Barack Obama as its 2009 commencement speaker.

The group plans a prayer rally Sunday, April 5, 2009 at 2 p.m., held in front of the University’s Main Building following the noon Palm Sunday Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

The student coalition was formed in response to the University’s announcement earlier this month. The University also plans to award the President an honorary doctor of laws degree during the commencement exercises.

“These faithful students need the prayerful support of everyone who is concerned that the damage done to Notre Dame’s Catholic identity by honoring President Obama will be irreparable,” said Patrick Reilly, President of the Catholic education watchdog, the Cardinal Newman Society. …more

The Red Envelope Project – Follow-up

Belonging House: My Red Envelopes

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WSJ: The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace

George Bush’s crown is no longer in question. Sarah Palin is back in Wasilla, Alaska, still fielding gotchya hate…and she will soon be mocked only occasionaly. Her challenge of Bush’s crown is over…

…and Bush remains the most mocked politician ever.

This from the Wall Street Journal:

Earlier this year, 12,000 people in San Francisco signed a petition in support of a proposition on a local ballot to rename an Oceanside sewage plant after George W. Bush. The proposition is only one example of the classless disrespect many Americans have shown the president.

The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace – What must our enemies be thinking?

The Scrooge Report Tracking…

H.S. football coach vs. Supreme Court, chasing King Solomon, and Home Depot’s Christmas avoidance…The Scrooge Report is following these stories:

Coach asks permission to bow head while players pray

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J (WorldNetDaily) – A high school football coach is going to the U.S. Supreme Court to ask permission to be “respectful” and bow his head while the players on his team pray for each other and their opponents prior to each game.

“We’re teaching kids values. There’s nothing wrong with being spiritual,” said coach Marcus Borden of East Brunswick, N.J., High School…

…Now, KDVR-TV in Denver reports plans to take the dispute to the U.S. Supreme Court…(read more)

Copper ruins in Jordan bolster biblical record of King Solomon

JORDAN – (Los Angeles Times) A massive copper smelting plant in the biblical land of Edom is at least three centuries older than researchers previously believed, placing it firmly in the traditional timeline of King Solomon, considered the greatest ruler of Israel, researchers reported Monday.

The existence of Solomon 3,000 years ago has been questioned by some scholars over the last two decades because of the paucity of archaeological evidence supporting the biblical record and the belief that there were no complex societies in Israel or Edom capable of building fortresses, monuments and other sophisticated public works, such as large mines, in the 10th century BC…(read more)

Home Depot: Hanukkah, yes! Holidays, yes! Christmas, no!

American Family Association:

Home Depot has it’s new holiday website up and running. You can find many gifts for the holidays. You can even find gifts for Hanukkah. But Christmas? Home Depot’s website hasn’t a single reference to Christmas. Not one. At Home Depot, Christmas doesn’t exist!

Home Depot has elected to go with the politically correct crowd and censor Christmas, replacing it with holidays…(read more)

UPDATE: Home Depot responded to AFA’s email campaign to alert consumers. In part, a letter from Home Depot states, “…we are adjusting our Web site to make ‘Christmas’ more prominent and to make our site more aligned with our advertising and point-of-sale in-store signage. Customers will start seeing the adjustments later this week.”

AFA added: “As a point of clarification, AFA mistakenly reported the word “Christmas” was totally absent from Home Depot’s website. A few product descriptions did, in fact, contain the word ‘Christmas.’ We have apologized to Home Depot for the error.”


The Scrooge Report Tracking…

Mosul Christian exodus, military religious freedom, and a fight to talk Jesus at a high school graduation…The Scrooge Report is following these stories:

Flight of Christians in north Iraq eases

MOSUL, Iraq (AFP) — The flight of Christians from their homes in Mosul has been stemmed after police reinforcements took up positions in the troubled northern Iraqi city, a local official said on Monday.

Jaweat Ismael, chief of the city’s bureau of displaced people, said there was “no new wave of displacements” on Monday.

Over the past few days, thousands of Christians fled their homes in a city considered by US and Iraqi commanders to be the nation’s most dangerous and a last stronghold of Al-Qaeda…(read more)

Atheist soldier to leave Army, drops religion suit

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — An atheist soldier who accused U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the Defense Department of violating his religious freedom dropped the lawsuit Friday, citing his plans to leave the Army next spring.

But the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which filed the suit in 2007 with Pfc. Jeremy Hall, still plans to pursue allegations of widespread religious discrimination within the military in a separate lawsuit it filed with a second atheist soldier.

Attorneys for Hall filed papers Friday in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kan., to dismiss the case, said Mikey Weinstein, head of the foundation.

Hall and the foundation sued over Hall’s claims that a major prevented him from holding an atheist meeting while deployed in Iraq. That officer denied the allegation.

Dropping the lawsuit avoids a fight over whether Hall has standing to sue if he is no longer in the Army, which he plans to leave in 2009, Weinstein said.

“He broke the barrier for us to have more people come forward,” Weinstein said of Hall. “He served as a shining light that attracted all the other potential witnesses.”...(read more)

High School grad appeals over Jesus graduation speech

DENVER, Colorado (The Denver Post) — A Lewis-Palmer High School student who was told she must apologize for mentioning Jesus in a valedictorian speech or not receive a diploma is appealing a federal court decision rejecting her request for an injunction against the school.

Erica Corder has filed an appeal with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals after a Denver district court judge dismissed her suit earlier this year.

Corder is seeking a declaration that the school violated her First Amendment rights and an injunction against the school preventing similar acts, said Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel, which filed a federal suit against the school district in 2007.

A judge summarily dismissed her suit, finding that the district can limit what students say in a school setting, said Robin Adair, spokeswoman for the Lewis-Palmer School District.

“School sponsored speech has restrictions,” Adair said. “That’s what the judge upheld when he dismissed the suit.”

At her 2006 graduation, Corder spoke about her Christian faith during a 30-second message at the Monument high school, Staver said.

Corder was one of 15 valedictorians.

“For more than two years, she has been the subject of criticism because the school continues to portray her as a student who engaged in improper conduct for mentioning Jesus Christ during a graduation speech,” said Staver, who is the dean of Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, Va….(read more)


‘Cross Burning’ Into Arm Update

Biggest crime for Ohio middle school teacher Freshwater remains having a Bible on his desk

The investigation is so biased. It should be known that there were people who should have been interviewed, positives for John, that were never interviewed. Who paid for this investigative group? The school board. - Pastor Don Matolyak

This from

John Freshwater’s Pastor Don Matolyak of the Trinity Assembly of God parish, who has been closely monitoring the case, said the only accusation against Freshwater with any truth to it is his refusal to remove his Bible from his desk. Maytolyak spoke adamantly on the partiality of the investigator’s report.

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